Employee Satisfaction

Your greatest Asset - the Experience of your Employees

The opinions and experiences of your employees are an important source of information for your company. Your staff has useful knowledge and important insights about your products and services.

Ziele einer Befragung zur Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit

Satisfied employees are more motivated and more committed to the company. In addition, they often work more profitably than demotivated employees.

An employee satisfaction survey helps you to gain insights in which field your company should improve as an employer.

The feedback of your employees can be used for numerous important issues, such as HR Management and Corporate Management.

Often, employee surveys are the starting point for operational changes in the company.

Possible targets are:

  • Improvement of working climate
  • Increase of employee motivation
  • Improvement of corporate governance
  • Reduction of the fluctuation rate
  • Higher employee retention
  • Support of new project

Change is often the focus of employee satisfaction surveys. Thus, employee satisfaction surveys play a crucial role in Change Management.

Use your employees' responses to take action

Through employee surveys, this knowledge can be researched and used, for example, to put internal processes to the test and optimise them.

However, employee surveys often have different topics:

  • Physical working environment
  • Work tasks
  • Mental stress
  • Performance
  • Leadership
  • Working atmosphere
  • Competence development
  • Productivity
  • Information/Communication

Useful advice for your Employee Satisfaction Survey

Conduct surveys on a regular basis so you can identify changes and trends:


Your employees should answer as honestly as possible. We therefore recommend conducting employee surveys anonymously. This gives employees the assurance that their answers cannot be personally assigned.

Online Surveys

Online surveys ensure a higher response rates compared to paper and pencil surveys. Our realtime reporting allows automated evaluations of your results.

Questionnaire Check

Benefit from our survey templates to compare the results of different surveys while using the same scales. Furthermore, our Customer Success Team supports you in the implementation of individual questionnaire types.

Correct Handling of Collected Data

Present the results of your surveys to your staff and initiate appropriate measures. By doing that, you maintain high response rates for follow up surveys and create a dedicated feedback culture in your company

Start a continuous dialogue with your employees and invest in the future of your company

360-degree Feedback​

Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your managers through 360-degree feedback and enable employee development.


Help new hires get to know your company culture and develop their full potential quickly.

Employee Experience

Professional EX management enables deep insights into the employees' relationship with the company along the entire employee journey: from the application process (pre-hiring) to leaving the company (exit).


The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is an instrument for measuring employee loyalty towards your company.

Exit Surveys

Every company should conduct an exit interview with every employee who leaves the company.

Assessment of Mental Stress

Mental health is essential to increase performance of your employees.

We create interactive dashboards for you to view results of various surveys simultaneously and in real-time.

Data Collection

You invite participants to your survey yourself or we recruit your target group via our Online Access Panel.

Through our panel we can provide survey participants in over 15 countries.

Through our partner network, we have access to survey participants from over 100 countries.


We specify the questions for your market research project and provide questionnaire templates or develop a bespoke questionnaire for your research project.

We help you to define your specific target group.


Get real-time results through our online reporting. Create, share and send reports.

Our Customer Success Team carries out in-depth analyses with your data and prepares meaningful reports in PowerPoint or any other format.

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