Employees strengthen customer centricity

In recent years, customer centricity has evolved from an industry-specific buzzword to a fundamental business philosophy. At the heart of this philosophy are customers, whose satisfaction and positive experiences along the customer journey are crucial to a company's success. However, customer orientation begins long before direct interaction with the customer - it is rooted in the corporate culture and manifests itself through the commitment and identification of employees with their employers.

How can you measure employee satisfaction?

Employee satisfaction, or employee experience, is increasingly becoming a key success factor for companies. But how can employee satisfaction be measured and - one step back! - what actually makes employees really satisfied?

What is customer centricity?

The concept of customer centricity is intended to increase customer satisfaction and lead to a good experience during the purchasing process (customer experience). In contrast to conventional marketing and sales concepts, customer centricity does not focus primarily on the products or services, but rather on the people making the purchase.

Digitization as a driver of innovation?

In a recently published interview for the PR Journal, Prof. Dr. Christopher Morasch, Managing Director of, had an insightful conversation with Thomas Mickeleit, Chairman of the CommTech working group. The central topic was digitalization in the PR industry and the associated challenges and opportunities.

Sustainability communication: Call for participation in the study

How far can sustainability communication go when it comes to highlighting the benefits of a company's own products, procedures or processes while clearly distinguishing itself from greenwashing? The team led by Managing Director Prof. Dr. Christopher Morasch is investigating this question as part of a recent study.

How anonymous are employee surveys?

Employee surveys have an important function in companies. They help to measure employee satisfaction, collect feedback and identify weak points in the company. They are essential, especially in times when there is a shortage of skilled workers and employers are competing for talent. However, it is important that such surveys are absolutely anonymous. After all, employees will only answer honestly if they can be sure that their answers cannot be traced.