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Employee Motivation as the Key to higher Sales Growth

The eNPS as a Tool for Measurement of Employee Loyalty

The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a tool for measuring your employees' loyalty to your company. The eNPS is a variant of the well-known NPS®, which was introduced by Bain & Company in 2003. It is a modified form of the Net Promoter Score from the field of marketing. This KPI measures the loyalty of customers with just one question. This question can of course also be used to question the loyalty of your employees, embedded in an employee survey or as a so-called "ongoing pulse survey". In the field of employee surveys, the eNPS is often formulated as follows:

„How likely would you recommend your employer to a friend or family member?“
  • Reduce the fluctuation of your staff
  • Encourage motivation and productivity of your employees
  • Optimize internal processes and save costs

How does the eNPS work?

Based on their responses, employees are divided into the following three categories:

  • Promoters (reply 9 or 10): are characterised by loyalty to their employer and actively recommend them within their personal network.
  • Passives (answered 7 or 8): are mostly satisfied employees who are not very committed and do not speak well or badly about their employer.
  • Detractors (answered 0 to 6): are not satisfied with their work or their employer. There is a risk that dictractors will have a negative effect on your company.

One question that can make a big difference

What distinguishes Promoters from Detractors and Passives?

Promoters and passives are almost the same in their positivity for many themes. Their differences usually manifest themselves in the negative codes. Use our automated text analysis tool via artificial intelligence to find out where the significant differences lie and get an overview of what your employees feel and think.

Use our standardized survey to determine the loyalty of your employees

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