360-degree Feedback

Strengthen your Managers and contribute to the Motivation and Retention of your Employees

Coordinate Employee Development

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your executives.
With a 360-degree feedback you help your company to develop further.

A 360-degree survey evaluates the performance of your managers from different perspectives. Thus, you receive a comprehensive picture of each individual manager of your company. The key element of this method is the comparison of self-assessment and external assessment. The 360-degree survey concept, evaluates managers from four perspectives. The result provides numerous indicators of development opportunities for your managers.

Create a feedback culture in your company

Be transparent with results and develop goals for improvement
Coach your executives and transfer more responsibilities to them
Implement 360-degree surveys up to the executive level
Gain and provide feedback continuously and establish a feedback culture

Invest in the future of your organization via 360-degree feedback

How to conduct the perfect 360-degree Feedback

Benefit from our 360-degree template, which should cover most of your requirements with a variety of relevant questions. This enables you to start the first survey quickly and easily without great effort. We are happy to support you in adapting your questionnaire to your needs.

Learn more about how you can benefit from your managers‘ evaluation and use employee feedback efficiently.

Conduct a continuous dialogue with your employees and invest in the future of your company

Employee Experience

Professional EX management enables deep insights into the employees' relationship with the company along the entire employee journey: from the application process (pre-hiring) to leaving the company (exit).


Help new hires get to know your company culture and develop their full potential quickly.

Employee Satisfaction

The opinions and experiences of your employees are an important source of information that can be used to increase productivity.


The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is an instrument for measuring employee loyalty towards your company.

Exit Surveys

Every company should conduct an exit interview with every employee who leaves the company.

Assessment of Mental Stress

Mental health is essential to increase performance of your employees.

We create interactive dashboards for you to view results of various surveys simultaneously and in real-time.

Data Collection

You invite participants to your survey yourself or we recruit your target group via our Online Access Panel.

Through our panel we can provide survey participants in over 15 countries.

Through our partner network, we have access to survey participants from over 100 countries.


We specify the questions for your market research project and provide questionnaire templates or develop a bespoke questionnaire for your research project.

We help you to define your specific target group.


Get real-time results through our online reporting. Create, share and send reports.

Our Customer Success Team carries out in-depth analyses with your data and prepares meaningful reports in PowerPoint or any other format.

Do you have special needs?

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