Assessment of Mental Stress

Reduce stress and avoid damage

Since 25.09.2013 the risk assessment of mental stress is mandatory for all employers, regardless of company size. Mental health is essential for the quality of your employees‘ work. Stress can often lead to decreased motivation and performance in the long run. In addition, an increased stress level has a negative effect on your working climate. The psychological stress assessments of your employees help you to identify risks at an early stage and to prevent them. Our experts are specialized in the online survey method and support you in all project phases, from the questionnaire design to the analysis of the results.

Useful advice for successful psychological risk assessment

  • Ideally, you should involve all internal stakeholders relevant to the study (e.g. personnel and works council, management and IT) in planning the project.
  • Anonymity is one of the most important aspects in this survey. A personal evaluation of the results is therefore already excluded from our platform.
  • Make sure you have „Ambassadors“ in each business area.
  • Focus on internal communication before project start and after survey completion. Show your employees that you are using the results to make improvements.

Involve your management team in the process and increase mental health awareness

Your Advantages and Opportunities

Increase employee retention in the company and involve managers in the process
Optimize the working atmosphere
Improve health and wellbeing at work in the long term
Promote the mental health of your employees

Conduct a continuous dialogue with your employees and support them in their development

360-degree Feedback​

Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your managers through 360-degree feedback and enable employee development.


Help new hires get to know your company culture and develop their full potential quickly.

Employee Satisfaction

The opinions and experiences of your employees are an important source of information that can be used to increase productivity.


The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is an instrument for measuring employee loyalty towards your company.

Exit Surveys

Every company should conduct an exit interview with every employee who leaves the company.

Employee Experience

Professional EX management enables deep insights into the employees' relationship with the company along the entire employee journey: from the application process (pre-hiring) to leaving the company (exit).

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