Data Protection & Anonymity

For Collection of sensitive Data you need to build Trust among your Employees and Customers.

Our feedback platform offers all mandatory features due to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Data Protection & Anonymity Features

Conditions & Consent

Logins & Filter Limit to maintain Anonymity

Generic Links for anonymous Surveys

access protection for survey results

User Management

Deletion of Data

Non-anonymus Surveys

In some cases, however, we deliberately ask personalized questions and send individual links by e-mail. This makes sense, for example, in surveys on topics such as customer service evaluation, training needs or customer feedback in the B2B area. Here it is important that the participants of the survey make use of their right of revocation or can order the subsequent deletion of their personal data from you. Our software also provides the necessary functions for this.

Useful advice

  • Within the invitation text, always highlight whether you are conducting personalized or anonymous surveys.
  • Control who gets access to the survey results via our User Management Module.
  • Use the filter limit and define a minimum sample size to run reports to guarantee the anonymity of your survey.
  • Set a minimum number of participants for waves of invitations from ongoing surveys, such as onboarding evaluation.

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